Our Mission

Professionalism, Quality Service, Discretion, and Friendliness are the four pillars at the corners of our world. These are our guiding principles and the reason why we have built our company to provide the best experience for every client, every time. Click below to read more about what makes us different.

Our Thoughts

We've put a lot of thought into our business approach. This also goes for our methods to building long standing relationships. Our clients and business partners are our main priority. As we forge out our philosophies, we'll put our thoughts down on paper from time to time. Visit our Blog to gain more insight.

Industries We Serve



Media Production




Our Services

All Major Languages

Our team of over 65 interpreters cover every major worldwide language and dialect. We are continuously expanding our roster of (more…)

Certified Medical Interpreting

Our medical interpreters hold CMI, ESSE, and EIPA certifications and are guaranteed punctual and professional. The medical (more…)

Certified Legal Interpreting

With certifications in NAJIT and CIP, our legal interpreters are skilled in services for all legal needs. Whether it’s in the


ASL Interpreting

Our ASL interpreters hold RID, EIPA, CMI and ESSE certifications and are experienced assisting for all sign language needs. (more…)

Film & Television Interpreting

Our entertainment industry interpreters have been media prepared and are guaranteed to conduct themselves professionally (more…)

Educational Services

Educational interpreting is an artform. Our clients come from all walks of life and age ranges. For this reason, we carefully screen


Business Support

Our team of interpreters are experienced with all levels of business support. Some examples of areas where we



With a large force of certified interpreters, we are capable of transcribing all of your textual needs. Contracts, agreements, (more…)

Emergency Dispatch

Hardship can occur at any hour. For those who need translation, hardships can be even more frightening without an (more…)

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The trusted name in certified interpreting

G Interpreting began as a family owned and operated agency with one goal in mind. We strive to offer the most professional service in the Southern California area at competitive rates. For your medical, legal, or film/TV industry interpreting needs, G Interpreting is your number one choice. Contact us today for the best service!